Starting JupyterLab

Start JupyterLab using:

jupyter lab

JupyterLab will open automatically in your browser. You may also access JupyterLab by entering the notebook server’s URL (usually http://localhost:8888) into the browser. You can also open the classic Notebook from JupyterLab by selecting “Launch Classic Notebook” from the JupyterLab Help menu.

Because JupyterLab is a server extension of the classic Jupyter Notebook server, you can also use JupyterLab by starting the classic Jupyter Noteboook (jupyter notebook) and visiting the /lab URL (usually http://localhost:8888/lab) rather than the default /tree URL. Conversely, to go to the classic Notebook from JupyterLab, you can change the URL from /lab to /tree.

JupyterLab has the same security model as the classic Jupyter Notebook; for more information see the security section of the classic Notebook’s documentation.