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Interface IOptions<T, U>

Type parameters





content: T

The child widget to wrap.

Optional contentHeader

contentHeader: BoxPanel

The layout to sit underneath the toolbar and above the content, and that extensions can populate. Defaults to an empty BoxPanel.


context: IContext<U>

Optional node

node: HTMLElement

The optional node to use for the widget.

If a node is provided, the widget will assume full ownership and control of the node, as if it had created the node itself.

The default is a new <div>.

Optional reveal

reveal: Promise<any>

An optional promise for when the content is ready to be revealed.

Optional tag

tag: keyof HTMLElementTagNameMap

The optional element tag, used for constructing the widget's node.

If a pre-constructed node is provided via the node arg, this value is ignored.

Optional toolbar

toolbar: Toolbar

The toolbar to use for the widget. Defaults to an empty toolbar.

Optional translator

translator: ITranslator

The application language translator.

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