An object that resolves relative URLs.


  • IResolver


isLocal?: ((url, allowRoot?) => boolean)

Type declaration

    • (url, allowRoot?): boolean
    • Whether the URL should be handled by the resolver or not.


      • url: string
      • Optional allowRoot: boolean

        Whether the paths starting at Unix-style filesystem root (/) are permitted.


        This is similar to the isLocal check in URLExt, but can also perform additional checks on whether the resolver should handle a given URL.

      Returns boolean

resolvePath?: ((path) => Promise<IRenderMime.IResolvedLocation>)

Type declaration

    • (path): Promise<IRenderMime.IResolvedLocation>
    • Resolve a path from Jupyter kernel to a path:

      • relative to root_dir (preferrably) this is in jupyter-server scope,
      • path understood and known by kernel (if such a path exists). Returns null if there is no file matching provided path in neither kernel nor jupyter-server contents manager.


      • path: string

      Returns Promise<IRenderMime.IResolvedLocation>


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