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An interface for URL and directory paths used by a Jupyter front-end.


  • IPaths




Readonly directories

directories: { appSettings: string; schemas: string; serverRoot: string; static: string; templates: string; themes: string; userSettings: string; workspaces: string }

The server directories used by the application, for user information only.


These are for user information and user interface hints only and should not be relied on in code. A server may set these to empty strings if it does not want to expose this information.

Examples of appropriate use include displaying a help dialog for a user listing the paths, or a tooltip in a filebrowser displaying the server root. Examples of inapproriate use include using one of these paths in a terminal command, generating code using these paths, or using one of these paths in a request to the server (it would be better to write a server extension to handle these cases).

Type declaration

  • Readonly appSettings: string
  • Readonly schemas: string
  • Readonly serverRoot: string
  • Readonly static: string
  • Readonly templates: string
  • Readonly themes: string
  • Readonly userSettings: string
  • Readonly workspaces: string

Readonly urls

urls: { app: string; base: string; doc: string; hubHost?: string; hubPrefix?: string; hubServerName?: string; hubUser?: string; notFound?: string; settings: string; static: string; themes: string; translations: string }

The urls used by the application.

Type declaration

  • Readonly app: string
  • Readonly base: string
  • Readonly doc: string
  • Optional Readonly hubHost?: string
  • Optional Readonly hubPrefix?: string
  • Optional Readonly hubServerName?: string
  • Optional Readonly hubUser?: string
  • Optional Readonly notFound?: string
  • Readonly settings: string
  • Readonly static: string
  • Readonly themes: string
  • Readonly translations: string

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