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The options used to initialize a MimeDocumentFactory.

Type parameters




Optional Readonly canStartKernel

canStartKernel: boolean

Whether the widgets can start a kernel when opened.

Optional dataType

dataType: "string" | "json"

Preferred data type from the model.

Optional Readonly defaultFor

defaultFor: ReadonlyArray<string>

The file types for which the factory should be the default.

Optional Readonly defaultRendered

defaultRendered: ReadonlyArray<string>

The file types for which the factory should be the default for rendering, if that is different than the default factory (which may be for editing). If undefined, then it will fall back on the default file type.

Optional factory

Optional renderer to use (overriding the renderer in the registry)

Readonly fileTypes

fileTypes: ReadonlyArray<string>

The file types the widget can view.

Optional Readonly modelName

modelName: string

The registered name of the model type used to create the widgets.

Readonly name

name: string

The name of the widget to display in dialogs.

Optional Readonly preferKernel

preferKernel: boolean

Whether the widgets prefer having a kernel started.


primaryFileType: IFileType | undefined

The primary file type associated with the document.

Optional Readonly readOnly

readOnly: boolean

Whether the widget factory is read only.

Optional renderTimeout

renderTimeout: number

The render timeout.


The rendermime instance.

Optional Readonly shutdownOnClose

shutdownOnClose: boolean

Whether the kernel should be shutdown when the widget is closed.

Optional Readonly toolbarFactory

toolbarFactory: (widget: T) => IToolbarItem[]

A function producing toolbar widgets, overriding the default toolbar widgets.

Type declaration

Optional Readonly translator

translator: ITranslator

The application language translator.

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