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The options for creating a file browser using a file browser factory.


In future versions of JupyterLab, some of these options may disappear, which is a backward-incompatible API change and will necessitate a new version release. This is because in future versions, there will likely be an application-wide notion of a singleton command registry and a singleton state database.


  • IOptions



Optional auto

auto: boolean

Whether a file browser automatically loads its initial path.


The default is true.

Optional driveName

driveName: string

An optional Contents.IDrive name for the model. If given, the model will prepend driveName: to all paths used in file operations.

Optional refreshInterval

refreshInterval: number

The time interval for browser refreshing, in ms.

Optional restore

restore: boolean

Whether a file browser automatically restores state when instantiated. The default is true.


The file browser model will need to be restored before for the file browser to start saving its state.

Optional state

state: IStateDB | null

The state database to use for saving file browser state and restoring it.


Unless the value null is set for this option, the application state database will be automatically passed in and used for state restoration.

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