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Interface ICloseAndCleaner<T>

Interface for an activity that has some cleanup action associated with it in addition to merely closing its widget in the main area.

Type parameters

  • T: Widget





closeAndCleanup: (widget: T) => Promise<void>

A function to perform the close and cleanup action.

Type declaration

    • (widget: T): Promise<void>
    • Parameters

      • widget: T

      Returns Promise<void>

Optional closeAndCleanupLabel

closeAndCleanupLabel: (n: number) => string

A function to create the label for the closeAndCleanupaction.

This function receives the number of items n to be able to provided correct pluralized forms of tranlsations.

Type declaration

    • (n: number): string
    • Parameters

      • n: number

      Returns string

Optional isEnabled

isEnabled: (widget: T) => boolean

An additional function that determines whether the extender is enabled. By default it is considered enabled if the application active widget is contained in the tracker. If this is also provided, the criterion is equivalent to tracker.has(widget) && extender.isEnabled(widget)

Type declaration

    • (widget: T): boolean
    • Parameters

      • widget: T

      Returns boolean


tracker: IWidgetTracker<T>

A widget tracker for identifying the appropriate extender.

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