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Namespace Kernel


Type aliases


ConnectionStatus: "connected" | "connecting" | "disconnected"

The valid kernel connection states.


The status states are:

  • connected: The kernel connection is live.
  • connecting: The kernel connection is not live, but we are attempting to reconnect to the kernel.
  • disconnected: The kernel connection is permanently down, we will not try to reconnect.

When a kernel connection is connected, the kernel status should be valid. When a kernel connection is either connecting or disconnected, the kernel status will be unknown unless the kernel status was dead, in which case it stays dead.


IKernelOptions: Partial<Pick<IModel, "name">>

The options object used to initialize a kernel.


Status: "unknown" | "starting" | "idle" | "busy" | "terminating" | "restarting" | "autorestarting" | "dead"

The valid Kernel status states.


The status states are:

  • unknown: The kernel status is unknown, often because the connection is disconnected or connecting. This state is determined by the kernel connection status.
  • autorestarting: The kernel is restarting, initiated by the server. This state is set by the services library, not explicitly sent from the kernel.
  • starting: The kernel is starting
  • idle: The kernel has finished processing messages.
  • busy: The kernel is currently processing messages.
  • restarting: The kernel is restarting. This state is sent by the Jupyter server.
  • dead: The kernel is dead and will not be restarted. This state is set by the Jupyter server and is a final state.

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