User Interface Helpers

JupyterLab comes with helpers to show or request simple information from a user. Those speed up development and ensure a common look and feel.


Message Dialogs

Helper functions to show a message to the user are available in the apputils package. These dialogs return a Promise resolving when the user dismisses the dialog.

There is one helper:

  • showErrorMessage : show an error message dialog.

Input Dialogs

Helper functions to request a single input from the user are available in the apputils package within the InputDialog namespace. There are four helpers:

  • getBoolean : request a boolean through a checkbox.

  • getItem : request a item from a list; the list may be editable.

  • getNumber : request a number; if the user input is not a valid number, NaN is returned.

  • getText : request a short text.

All dialogs are built on the standard Dialog. Therefore the helper functions each return a Promise resolving in a Dialog.IResult object.

// Request a boolean
InputDialog.getBoolean({ title: 'Check or not?' }).then(value => {
  console.log('boolean ' + value.value);

// Request a choice from a list
  title: 'Pick a choice',
  items: ['1', '2']
}).then(value => {
  console.log('item ' + value.value);

// Request a choice from a list or specify your own choice
  title: 'Pick a choice or write your own',
  items: ['1', '2'],
  editable: true
}).then(value => {
  console.log('editable item ' + value.value);

// Request a number
InputDialog.getNumber({ title: 'How much?' }).then(value => {
  console.log('number ' + value.value);

// Request a text
InputDialog.getText({ title: 'Provide a text' }).then(value => {
  console.log('text ' + value.value);