A VDomModel for the kernel status indicator.




_activityName: any
_getAllState: any
_kernelName: any
_kernelStatus: any
_onKernelChanged: any

React to changes in the kernel.

_onKernelStatusChanged: any

React to changes to the kernel status.

_sessionContext: any
_statusNames: any
_trans: any
_triggerChange: any
stateChanged: Signal<KernelStatus.Model, void>

A signal emitted when any model state changes.

translation: ITranslator


  • get activityName(): string
  • A display name for the activity.

    Returns string

  • set activityName(val): void
  • Parameters

    • val: string

    Returns void

  • get isDisposed(): boolean
  • Test whether the model is disposed.

    Returns boolean

  • get kernelName(): string
  • The name of the kernel.

    Returns string

  • get sessionContext(): ISessionContext
  • The current client session associated with the kernel status indicator.

    Returns ISessionContext

  • set sessionContext(sessionContext): void
  • Parameters

    Returns void

  • get status(): string
  • The current status of the kernel.

    Returns string


  • Dispose the model.

    Returns void

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