Class ProviderReconciliator

The reconciliator which is used to fetch and merge responses from multiple completion providers.


  • ProviderReconciliator




_alignPrefixes: any
_context: any

Current completer context.

_defaultShouldShowContinuousHint: any
_fetching: any

Counter to reject current provider response if a new fetch request is created.

_inlineFetching: any

Counter to reject current inline provider response if a new inlineFetch request is created.

_inlineProviders: any

List of inline providers.

_inlineProvidersSettings: any

Inline providers settings.

_mergeCompletions: any
_providers: any

List of available providers.

_resolveFactory: any
_stream: any
_timeout: any

Timeout for the fetch request.


  • Check if completer should make request to fetch completion responses on user typing. If the provider with highest rank does not have shouldShowContinuousHint method, a default one will be used.


    • completerIsVisible: boolean

      The visible status of completer widget.

    • changed: SourceChange

      CodeMirror changed argument.

    Returns Promise<boolean>

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