Class NotebookSearchProvider

Notebook document search provider

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_currentProviderIndex: null | number = null
_delayedActiveCellChangeHandler: null | number = null
_editorSelectionsObservable: null | IObservableMap<ITextSelection[]> = null
_filters: undefined | IFilters
_filtersChanged: Signal<NotebookSearchProvider, void>
_onSelection: boolean = false
_query: null | RegExp = null
_searchActive: boolean = false
_searchProviders: CellSearchProvider[] = []
_selectedCells: number = 1
_selectedLines: number = 0
_selectionLock: boolean = false
_selectionSearchMode: "text" | "cells" = 'cells'
_stateChanged: Signal<NotebookSearchProvider, void>
_textSelection: null | IRange = null
delayedActiveCellChangeHandlerReady: Promise<void>
translator: ITranslator = nullTranslator

Application translator

The widget to search in


  • get filtersChanged(): ISignal<this, void>
  • Signal indicating that filter definition changed.

    Returns ISignal<this, void>

  • get isDisposed(): boolean
  • Whether the search provider is disposed or not.

    Returns boolean

  • get isReadOnly(): boolean
  • Set to true if the widget under search is read-only, false if it is editable. Will be used to determine whether to show the replace option.

    Returns boolean

  • get stateChanged(): ISignal<this, void>
  • Signal indicating that something in the search has changed, so the UI should update

    Returns ISignal<this, void>


  • Update the search in selection mode; it should only be called when user navigates the notebook (enters editing/command mode, changes selection) but not when the searchbox gets focused (switching the notebook to command mode) nor when search highlights a match (switching notebook to edit mode).

    Returns void

  • Utility for copying the letter case from old to new text.


    • oldText: string
    • newText: string

    Returns string