The options used to initialize a JupyterFrontEnd.

interface IOptions<T, U> {
    commandLinker?: CommandLinker;
    contextMenuRenderer?: IRenderer;
    docRegistry?: DocumentRegistry;
    restored?: Promise<U>;
    serviceManager?: ServiceManager.IManager;
    shell: T;

Type Parameters


  • IOptions<T>
    • IOptions


commandLinker?: CommandLinker

The command linker used by the application.

contextMenuRenderer?: IRenderer

A custom renderer for the context menu.

docRegistry?: DocumentRegistry

The document registry instance used by the application.

restored?: Promise<U>

Promise that resolves when state is first restored, returning layout description.

serviceManager?: ServiceManager.IManager

The service manager used by the application.

shell: T

The shell widget to use for the application.

This should be a newly created and initialized widget.

The application will attach the widget to the DOM.