Arguments for 'richVariables' request

This is an addition to the Debug Adapter Protocol to support rich rendering of variables.

interface IRichVariablesResponse {
    body: IRichVariable;
    command: string;
    message?: string;
    request_seq: number;
    seq: number;
    success: boolean;
    type: string;


  • Response
    • IRichVariablesResponse


Variable mime type data

command: string

The command requested.

message?: string

Contains the raw error in short form if success is false. This raw error might be interpreted by the client and is not shown in the UI. Some predefined values exist. Values: 'cancelled': the request was cancelled. 'notStopped': the request may be retried once the adapter is in a 'stopped' state. etc.

request_seq: number

Sequence number of the corresponding request.

seq: number

Sequence number of the message (also known as message ID). The seq for the first message sent by a client or debug adapter is 1, and for each subsequent message is 1 greater than the previous message sent by that actor. seq can be used to order requests, responses, and events, and to associate requests with their corresponding responses. For protocol messages of type request the sequence number can be used to cancel the request.

success: boolean

Outcome of the request. If true, the request was successful and the body attribute may contain the result of the request. If the value is false, the attribute message contains the error in short form and the body may contain additional information (see ErrorResponse.body.error).

type: string

Message type. Values: 'request', 'response', 'event', etc.