The render interface for file browser listing options.

interface IRenderer {
    getCheckboxNode: ((node) => null | HTMLInputElement);
    createDragImage(node, count, trans, fileType?): HTMLElement;
    createItemNode(hiddenColumns?): HTMLElement;
    createNode(): HTMLElement;
    getNameNode(node): HTMLElement;
    handleHeaderClick(node, event): null | DirListing.ISortState;
    populateHeaderNode(node, translator?, hiddenColumns?): void;
    updateItemNode(node, model, fileType?, translator?, hiddenColumns?, selected?): void;

Implemented by


getCheckboxNode: ((node) => null | HTMLInputElement)

Get the checkbox input element node.

Downstream interface implementations,such as jupyterlab-unfold, that don't support checkboxes should simply always return null for this function.

Type declaration


The checkbox node.