Constructor options

interface IOptions {
    auto?: boolean;
    driveName?: string;
    filter?: ((value) => null | Partial<IScore>);
    filterDirectories?: boolean;
    includeHiddenFiles?: boolean;
    manager: IDocumentManager;
    refreshInterval?: number;
    refreshStandby?: Standby | (() => boolean | Standby);
    state?: IStateDB<ReadonlyPartialJSONValue>;
    translator?: ITranslator;

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auto?: boolean

Whether a file browser automatically loads its initial path. The default is true.

driveName?: string

An optional Contents.IDrive name for the model. If given, the model will prepend driveName: to all paths used in file operations.

filter?: ((value) => null | Partial<IScore>)

Filter function on file browser item model

Type declaration

filterDirectories?: boolean

Filter directories

includeHiddenFiles?: boolean

Whether hidden files should be included in the items.

A document manager instance.

refreshInterval?: number

The time interval for browser refreshing, in ms.

refreshStandby?: Standby | (() => boolean | Standby)

When the model stops polling the API. Defaults to when-hidden.

Type declaration

    • (): boolean | Standby
    • Returns boolean | Standby

state?: IStateDB<ReadonlyPartialJSONValue>

An optional state database. If provided, the model will restore which folder was last opened when it is restored.

translator?: ITranslator

The application language translator.