Interface IFileBrowserFactory

The file browser factory interface.

interface IFileBrowserFactory {
    tracker: WidgetTracker<FileBrowser>;
    createFileBrowser(id, options?): FileBrowser;




The widget tracker used by the factory to track file browsers.


  • Create a new file browser instance.


    • id: string

      The widget/DOM id of the file browser.

    • Optional options: IFileBrowserFactory.IOptions

      The optional file browser configuration object.


      The ID parameter is used to set the widget ID. It is also used as part of the unique key necessary to store the file browser's restoration data in the state database if that functionality is enabled.

      If, after the file browser has been generated by the factory, the ID of the resulting widget is changed by client code, the restoration functionality will not be disrupted as long as there are no ID collisions, i.e., as long as the initial ID passed into the factory is used for only one file browser instance.

    Returns FileBrowser