The definition of an inspectable source.

interface IInspectable {
    cleared: ISignal<any, void>;
    disposed: ISignal<any, void>;
    inspected: ISignal<any, IInspectorUpdate>;
    isDisposed: boolean;
    standby: boolean;
    onEditorChange(customText?): void;

Implemented by


cleared: ISignal<any, void>

A signal emitted when the inspector should clear all items.

disposed: ISignal<any, void>

A signal emitted when the inspectable is disposed.

inspected: ISignal<any, IInspectorUpdate>

A signal emitted when an inspector value is generated.

isDisposed: boolean

Test whether the inspectable has been disposed.

standby: boolean

Indicates whether the inspectable source emits signals.


The use case for this attribute is to limit the API traffic when no inspector is visible. It can be modified by the consumer of the source.


  • Handle a text changed signal from an editor.


    Update the hints inspector based on a text change.


    • Optional customText: string

    Returns void