The options used to create a renderer.

interface IRendererOptions {
    latexTypesetter: null | IRenderMime.ILatexTypesetter;
    linkHandler: null | IRenderMime.ILinkHandler;
    markdownParser?: null | IRenderMime.IMarkdownParser;
    mimeType: string;
    resolver: null | IRenderMime.IResolver;
    sanitizer: IRenderMime.ISanitizer;
    translator?: IRenderMime.ITranslator;


latexTypesetter: null | IRenderMime.ILatexTypesetter

The LaTeX typesetter.

linkHandler: null | IRenderMime.ILinkHandler

An optional link handler.

markdownParser?: null | IRenderMime.IMarkdownParser

The Markdown parser.

mimeType: string

The preferred mimeType to render.

resolver: null | IRenderMime.IResolver

An optional url resolver.

The html sanitizer.

The application language translator.