A Jupyter server settings object. Note that all of the settings are optional when passed to [[makeSettings]]. The default settings are given in [[defaultSettings]].


  • ISettings


Headers: {
    prototype: Headers;
    new (init?): Headers;

Type declaration

    • new (init?): Headers
    • The Headers object constructor.


      • Optional init: HeadersInit

      Returns Headers

  • prototype: Headers
Request: {
    prototype: Request;
    new (input, init?): Request;

Type declaration

    • new (input, init?): Request
    • The Request object constructor.


      • input: RequestInfo | URL
      • Optional init: RequestInit

      Returns Request

  • prototype: Request
WebSocket: {
    CLOSED: 3;
    CLOSING: 2;
    OPEN: 1;
    prototype: WebSocket;
    new (url, protocols?): WebSocket;

Type declaration

    • new (url, protocols?): WebSocket
    • The WebSocket object constructor.


      • url: string | URL
      • Optional protocols: string | string[]

      Returns WebSocket

  • Readonly CLOSED: 3
  • Readonly CLOSING: 2
  • Readonly CONNECTING: 0
  • Readonly OPEN: 1
  • prototype: WebSocket
appUrl: string

The app url of the JupyterLab application.

appendToken: boolean

Whether to append a token to a Websocket url. The default is false in the browser and true in node or jest.

baseUrl: string

The base url of the server.

fetch: ((input, init?) => Promise<Response>)

Type declaration

init: RequestInit

The default request init options.

serializer: ISerializer

Serializer used to serialize/deserialize kernel messages.

token: string

The authentication token for requests. Use an empty string to disable.

wsUrl: string

The base ws url of the server.

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