The instantiation options for a setting editor.


  • IOptions


commands: {
    registry: CommandRegistry;
    revert: string;
    save: string;

The toolbar commands and registry for the setting editor toolbar.

Type declaration

  • registry: CommandRegistry

    The command registry.

  • revert: string

    The revert command ID.

  • save: string

    The save command ID.

editorFactory: Factory

The editor factory used by the setting editor.

key: string

The state database key for the editor's state management.

The setting registry the editor modifies.

rendermime?: IRenderMimeRegistry

The optional MIME renderer to use for rendering debug messages.

state: IStateDB<ReadonlyPartialJSONValue>

The state database used to store layout.

translator?: ITranslator

The application language translator.

when?: Promise<any> | Promise<any>[]

The point after which the editor should restore its state.

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