Options for the terminal widget.

interface IOptions {
    autoFit?: boolean;
    closeOnExit: boolean;
    cursorBlink: boolean;
    fontFamily?: string;
    fontSize: number;
    initialCommand: string;
    lineHeight?: number;
    macOptionIsMeta?: boolean;
    pasteWithCtrlV: boolean;
    screenReaderMode: boolean;
    scrollback?: number;
    shutdownOnClose: boolean;
    theme: Theme;


autoFit?: boolean

Whether to auto-fit the terminal to its host element size.

closeOnExit: boolean

Whether to close the widget when exiting a terminal or not.

cursorBlink: boolean

Whether to blink the cursor. Can only be set at startup.

fontFamily?: string

The font family used to render text.

fontSize: number

The font size of the terminal in pixels.

initialCommand: string

An optional command to run when the session starts.

lineHeight?: number

The line height used to render text.

macOptionIsMeta?: boolean

Treat option as meta key on macOS.

pasteWithCtrlV: boolean

Whether to enable using Ctrl+V to paste.

This setting has no effect on macOS, where Cmd+V is available.

screenReaderMode: boolean

Whether to enable screen reader support.

scrollback?: number

The amount of buffer scrollback to be used with the terminal

shutdownOnClose: boolean

Whether to shut down the session when closing a terminal or not.

theme: Theme

The theme of the terminal.