Interface IFormRendererRegistry

A registry for rendering fields used in the FormEditor component.


  • IFormRendererRegistry


addRenderer: ((id, renderer) => void)

Type declaration

    • (id, renderer): void
    • Adds a renderer for a given property of a given settings plugin.

      The id must follow that structure <>.<propertyName>


      • id: string

        Unique ID for the given renderer.

      • renderer: IFormRenderer

        A renderer interfacing IFormRenderer.

      Returns void

getRenderer: ((id) => IFormRenderer)

Type declaration

    • (id): IFormRenderer
    • Returns the component for the given id


      • id: string

        The unique id for the component.

      Returns IFormRenderer

      • A component interfacing IFormComponent.
renderers: {
    [id: string]: IFormRenderer;

Returns all registered renderers in dictionary form.


  • A dictionary that maps an id to a renderer.

Type declaration

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