When starting JupyterLab, you will see a pop-up in the bottom right corner asking for your consent to get Jupyter news (this is an opt-in feature; disabled by default).

If you agree, you will be notified by time to time about important news about JupyterLab and the Jupyter ecosystem. You will also be notified if a newer version is available.

Once you have answered the request, you can change your decision in the Notification settings.


The frontend plugin requesting the news and checking for the update is @jupyterlab/apputils-extension:announcements. It can be disabled as any plugin by executing in a terminal prior to start JupyterLab:

jupyter labextension disable "@jupyterlab/apputils-extension:announcements"

Check for updates

You can also control whether to check for updates or not at two levels:

  • on the server side through a command-line option --LabApp.check_for_updates_class="jupyterlab.NeverCheckForUpdate"

  • on the frontend through the setting checkForUpdates in the Notification section.

You can also provide your own class to check for updates. The abstract class to implement is jupyterlab.handlers.announcements.CheckForUpdateABC.

Jupyter news

The news are fetched from a news feed. The URL can be customized to point to any Atom feed using the command line option --LabApp.news_url="<URL_TO_FEED_XML_FILE>".