Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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  • How can you contribute?

  • How can you extend or customize JupyterLab?

  • In the classic Notebook, I could use custom Javascript outputted by a cell to programmatically control the Notebook. Can I do the same thing in JupyterLab?

    JupyterLab was built to support a wide variety of extensibility, including dynamic behavior based on notebook outputs. To access this extensibility, you should write a custom JupyterLab extension. If you would like trigger some behavior in response to the user executing some code in a notebook, you can output a custom mimetype (Mime Renderer Plugins). We currently don’t allow access to the JupyterLab API from the Javascript renderer, because this would tie the kernel and the notebook output to JupyterLab and make it hard for other frontends to support it. For more discussion and potential alternative solutions, please see issues #4623 and #5789.

Tips and Tricks

  • How do I start JupyterLab with a clean workspace every time?

Add 'c.ServerApp.default_url = '/lab?reset' to your See How to create a for more information.