Code Consoles#

Code consoles enable you to run code interactively in a kernel. The cells of a code console show the order in which code was executed in the kernel, as opposed to the explicit ordering of cells in a notebook document. Code consoles also display rich output, just like notebook cells.

Create a new code console by clicking the + button in the file browser and selecting the kernel:

Run code using Shift Enter. Use the up and down arrows to browse the history of previously-run code:

Tab completion (Tab) and tooltips (Shift Tab) work as in the notebook:

Clear the cells of the code console without restarting the kernel by right-clicking on the code console and selecting “Clear Console Cells”:

Creating a code console from the file menu lets you select an existing kernel for the code console. The code console then acts as a log of computations in that kernel, and a place you can interactively inspect and run code in the kernel: