Class ForeignHandler

A handler for capturing API messages from other sessions that should be rendered in a given parent.


  • ForeignHandler




_enabled: any
_isDisposed: any
_newCell: any

Create a new code cell for an input originated from a foreign session.

_parent: any
sessionContext: ISessionContext

The client session used by the foreign handler.


  • get enabled(): boolean
  • Set whether the handler is able to inject foreign cells into a console.

    Returns boolean

  • set enabled(value): void
  • Parameters

    • value: boolean

    Returns void

  • get isDisposed(): boolean
  • Test whether the handler is disposed.

    Returns boolean

  • get parent(): IReceiver
  • The foreign handler's parent receiver.

    Returns IReceiver


  • Dispose the resources held by the handler.

    Returns void

  • Handler IOPub messages.

    Returns boolean

    true if the message resulted in a new cell injection or a previously injected cell being updated and false for all other messages.

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