A subset of plugin bundle enriched with JupyterLab extension metadata.


  • ILuminoPluginData
    • IPluginInfo


autoStart?: boolean | "defer"

Whether the plugin should be activated on application start or waiting for being required. If the value is 'defer' then the plugin should be activated only after the application is started.


The default is false.

description?: string

Plugin description.


This can be used to provide user documentation on the feature brought by a plugin.

enabled: boolean

Whether the plugin is enabled.

extension: string

The name of the extension which provides the plugin.

id: string

The human readable ID of the plugin.


This must be unique within an application.

optional: IToken[]

The types of optional services for the the plugin, or [].

provides: IToken

The type of service provided by the plugin, or null.

requires: IToken[]

The types of required services for the plugin, or [].

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