The options to create an OutputArea.

interface IOptions {
    contentFactory?: OutputArea.IContentFactory;
    inputHistoryScope?: "global" | "session";
    maxNumberOutputs?: number;
    model: IOutputAreaModel;
    promptOverlay?: boolean;
    rendermime: IRenderMimeRegistry;
    translator?: ITranslator;


contentFactory?: OutputArea.IContentFactory

The content factory used by the widget to create children.

inputHistoryScope?: "global" | "session"

Whether to split stdin line history by kernel session or keep globally accessible.

maxNumberOutputs?: number

The maximum number of output items to display on top and bottom of cell output.

The model used by the widget.

promptOverlay?: boolean

Whether to show prompt overlay emitting toggleScrolling signal.

The rendermime instance used by the widget.

translator?: ITranslator