The options used to initialize a document manager.

interface IOptions {
    isConnectedCallback?: (() => boolean);
    manager: ServiceManager.IManager;
    opener: IDocumentWidgetOpener;
    recentsManager?: IRecentsManager;
    registry: DocumentRegistry;
    sessionDialogs?: IDialogs;
    setBusy?: (() => IDisposable);
    translator?: ITranslator;
    when?: Promise<void>;


isConnectedCallback?: (() => boolean)

Autosaving should be paused while this callback function returns false. By default, it always returns true.

Type declaration

    • (): boolean
    • Returns boolean

A service manager instance.

A widget opener for sibling widgets.

recentsManager?: IRecentsManager

The manager for recent documents.

A document registry instance.

sessionDialogs?: IDialogs

The provider for session dialogs.

setBusy?: (() => IDisposable)

A function called when a kernel is busy.

Type declaration

translator?: ITranslator

The application language translator.

when?: Promise<void>

A promise for when to start using the manager.