Interface IItemOptions

The options used to create a launcher item.


  • IItemOptions


The arguments given to the command for creating the launcher item.


The launcher will also add the current working directory of the filebrowser in the cwd field of the args, which a command may use to create the activity with respect to the right directory.

category?: string

The category for the launcher item.

The default value is an empty string.

command: string

The command ID for the launcher item.


If the command's execute method returns a Widget or a promise that resolves with a Widget, then that widget will replace the launcher in the same location of the application shell. If the execute method does something else (i.e., create a modal dialog), then the launcher will not be disposed.

kernelIconUrl?: string

For items that have a kernel associated with them, the URL of the kernel icon.

This is not a CSS class, but the URL that points to the icon in the kernel spec.

Metadata about the item. This can be used by the launcher to affect how the item is displayed.

rank?: number

The rank for the launcher item.

The rank is used when ordering launcher items for display. After grouping into categories, items are sorted in the following order:

  1. Rank (lower is better)
  2. Display Name (locale order)

The default rank is Infinity.

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