A VDomModel for rendering the PathStatus status item.




_docManager: any
_getAllState: any

Get the current state of the model.

_name: any
_onPathChange: any

React to a path change for the current document.

_onTitleChange: any

React to a title change for the current widget.

_path: any
_triggerChange: any

Trigger a state change to rerender.

_widget: any
stateChanged: Signal<PathStatus.Model, void>

A signal emitted when any model state changes.


  • get isDisposed(): boolean
  • Test whether the model is disposed.

    Returns boolean

  • get name(): string
  • The name of the current activity.

    Returns string

  • get path(): string
  • The current path for the application.

    Returns string

  • get widget(): Widget
  • The current widget for the application.

    Returns Widget

  • set widget(widget): void
  • Parameters

    Returns void


  • Dispose the model.

    Returns void

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