A manager of running items grouped under a single section.

interface IManager {
    name: string;
    runningChanged: ISignal<any, any>;
    shutdownAllConfirmationText?: string;
    shutdownAllLabel?: string;
    shutdownItemIcon?: LabIcon;
    shutdownLabel?: string | ((item) => string);
    refreshRunning(): void;
    running(): IRunningItem[];
    shutdownAll(): void;


name: string

Name that is shown to the user in plural.

runningChanged: ISignal<any, any>

A signal that should be emitted when the item list has changed.

shutdownAllConfirmationText?: string

A string used as the body text in the shutdown all confirmation dialog.

shutdownAllLabel?: string

A string used to describe the shutdown all action.

shutdownItemIcon?: LabIcon

The icon to show for shutting down an individual item in this section.

shutdownLabel?: string | ((item) => string)

A string used to describe the shutdown action.

Type declaration