The options used to initialize a code mirror editor.

interface IOptions {
    config?: Record<string, any>;
    extensions?: Extension[];
    extensionsRegistry?: IEditorExtensionRegistry;
    host: HTMLElement;
    inline?: boolean;
    languages?: IEditorLanguageRegistry;
    model: CodeEditor.IModel;
    translator?: ITranslator;
    uuid?: string;

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config?: Record<string, any>

The configuration options for the editor.

extensions?: Extension[]

List of editor extensions to be added.

extensionsRegistry?: IEditorExtensionRegistry

CodeMirror extensions registry

The host widget used by the editor.

inline?: boolean

Whether the editor will be inline or not.

CodeMirror languages registry

The model used by the editor.

translator?: ITranslator

The configuration options for the editor.

uuid?: string

The desired uuid for the editor.