Class ServiceManager

A Jupyter services manager.


  • ServiceManager




_connectionFailure: any
_isDisposed: any
_isReady: any
_onConnectionFailure: any
_readyPromise: any
builder: Builder.IManager

The builder for the manager.

contents: Contents.IManager

Get the contents manager instance.

events: Event.IManager

The event manager instance.

kernels: Kernel.IManager

Get the kernel manager instance.

kernelspecs: KernelSpec.IManager

Get the kernelspec manager instance.

nbconvert: NbConvert.IManager

Get the nbconvert manager instance.

serverSettings: ServerConnection.ISettings

The server settings of the manager.

sessions: Session.IManager

Get the session manager instance.

settings: Setting.IManager

Get the setting manager instance.

terminals: Terminal.IManager

Get the terminal manager instance.

Get the user manager instance.

workspaces: Workspace.IManager

Get the workspace manager instance.


  • get isDisposed(): boolean
  • Test whether the service manager is disposed.

    Returns boolean

  • get isReady(): boolean
  • Test whether the manager is ready.

    Returns boolean

  • get ready(): Promise<void>
  • A promise that fulfills when the manager is ready.

    Returns Promise<void>


  • Dispose of the resources used by the manager.

    Returns void

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