An interface for a file type.

interface IFileType {
    contentType: string;
    displayName?: string;
    extensions: readonly string[];
    fileFormat: FileFormat;
    icon?: LabIcon;
    iconClass?: string;
    iconLabel?: string;
    mimeTypes: readonly string[];
    name: string;
    pattern?: string;

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contentType: string

The content type of the new file.

displayName?: string

An optional display name for the file type.

extensions: readonly string[]

The extensions of the file type (e.g. ".txt"). Can be a compound extension (e.g. ".table.json).

fileFormat: FileFormat

The format of the new file.

icon?: LabIcon

The icon for the file type.

iconClass?: string

The icon class name for the file type.

iconLabel?: string

The icon label for the file type.

mimeTypes: readonly string[]

The mime types associated the file type.

name: string

The name of the file type.

pattern?: string

An optional pattern for a file name (e.g. ^Dockerfile$).