Interface ILogOutputModel

The interface for an output model.


Implemented by


changed: ISignal<ILogOutputModel, void>

A signal emitted when the output model changes.

The data associated with the model.

executionCount: number

The execution count of the model.

level: FullLogLevel

Log level

The metadata associated with the model.

Among others, it can include an attribute named fragment that stores a URI fragment identifier for the MIME resource.

timestamp: Date

Date & time when output is logged.

trusted: boolean

Whether the output is trusted.

type: string

The output type.


  • Dispose of the resources used by the output model.

    Returns void

  • Set the data associated with the model.


    Calling this function may trigger an asynchronous operation that could cause the renderer to be rendered with a new model containing the new data.

    Returns void

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