An options object for creating a main area widget.

interface IOptions<T> {
    content: T;
    contentHeader?: BoxPanel;
    node?: HTMLElement;
    reveal?: Promise<any>;
    tag?: keyof HTMLElementTagNameMap;
    toolbar?: Toolbar<Widget>;
    translator?: ITranslator;

Type Parameters


  • IOptions
    • IOptions


    content: T

    The child widget to wrap.

    contentHeader?: BoxPanel

    The layout to sit underneath the toolbar and above the content, and that extensions can populate. Defaults to an empty BoxPanel.

    The optional node to use for the widget.

    If a node is provided, the widget will assume full ownership and control of the node, as if it had created the node itself.

    The default is a new <div>.

    reveal?: Promise<any>

    An optional promise for when the content is ready to be revealed.

    tag?: keyof HTMLElementTagNameMap

    The optional element tag, used for constructing the widget's node.

    If a pre-constructed node is provided via the node arg, this value is ignored.

    toolbar?: Toolbar<Widget>

    The toolbar to use for the widget. Defaults to an empty toolbar.

    translator?: ITranslator

    The application language translator.