Response to the 'kernel_info_request' request. This interface extends the IInfoReply by adding the debugger key that isn't part of the protocol yet. See this pull request for more info:

interface IInfoReply {
    banner: string;
    debugger: boolean;
    help_links: {
        text: string;
        url: string;
    implementation: string;
    implementation_version: string;
    language_info: ILanguageInfo;
    protocol_version: string;
    status: "ok";

Hierarchy (view full)


banner: string
debugger: boolean
help_links: {
    text: string;
    url: string;

Type declaration

  • text: string
  • url: string
implementation: string
implementation_version: string
language_info: ILanguageInfo
protocol_version: string
status: "ok"