The options used to initialize a context.

interface IOptions {
    kernelPreference?: IKernelPreference;
    name?: string;
    path?: string;
    sessionManager: Session.IManager;
    setBusy?: (() => IDisposable);
    specsManager: KernelSpec.IManager;
    translator?: ITranslator;
    type?: string;


kernelPreference?: IKernelPreference

A kernel preference.

name?: string

The name of the session.

path?: string

The initial path of the file.

sessionManager: Session.IManager

A session manager instance.

setBusy?: (() => IDisposable)

A function to call when the session becomes busy.

Type declaration

specsManager: KernelSpec.IManager

A kernel spec manager instance.

translator?: ITranslator

The application language translator.

type?: string

The type of the session.