Interface IFileMenu

An interface for a File menu.

interface IFileMenu {
    closeAndCleaners: SemanticCommand;
    consoleCreators: SemanticCommand;
    isDisposed: boolean;
    items: readonly IItem[];
    newMenu: IRankedMenu;
    quitEntry: boolean;
    rank?: number;
    addGroup(items, rank?): IDisposable;
    addItem(options): IDisposable;
    dispose(): void;

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closeAndCleaners: SemanticCommand

The close and cleanup semantic command.

consoleCreators: SemanticCommand

The console creator semantic command.

isDisposed: boolean

Test whether the object has been disposed.


This property is always safe to access.

items: readonly IItem[]

A read-only array of the menu items in the menu.

newMenu: IRankedMenu

A submenu for creating new files/launching new activities.

quitEntry: boolean

Option to add a Quit entry in the File menu

rank?: number

Menu rank


  • Add a group of menu items specific to a particular plugin.

    The rank can be set for all items in the group using the function argument or per item.


    • items: IItemOptions[]

      the list of menu items to add.

    • Optional rank: number

      the default rank in the menu in which to insert the group.

    Returns IDisposable

    Disposable of the group

  • Dispose of the resources held by the object.


    If the object's dispose method is called more than once, all calls made after the first will be a no-op.

    Undefined Behavior

    It is undefined behavior to use any functionality of the object after it has been disposed unless otherwise explicitly noted.

    Returns void