Settings editor options

interface IOptions {
    commands: CommandRegistry;
    editorRegistry: IFormRendererRegistry;
    key: string;
    query?: string;
    registry: ISettingRegistry;
    state: IStateDB<ReadonlyPartialJSONValue>;
    status: ILabStatus;
    toSkip?: string[];
    translator?: ITranslator;


commands: CommandRegistry

Command registry used to open the JSON settings editor.

editorRegistry: IFormRendererRegistry

Form component registry

key: string

The state database key for the editor's state management.

query?: string

The setting registry the editor modifies.

state: IStateDB<ReadonlyPartialJSONValue>

The state database used to store layout.

status: ILabStatus

Application status

toSkip?: string[]

List of plugins to skip

translator?: ITranslator

The application language translator.