Options for the open file dialog



checkbox?: Partial<ICheckbox>

The checkbox to display in the footer. Defaults no checkbox.

defaultPath?: string

Default path to open

filter?: ((value) => Partial<IScore>)

Type declaration

focusNodeSelector?: string

A selector for the primary element that should take focus in the dialog. Defaults to an empty string, causing the [[defaultButton]] to take focus.

hasClose?: boolean

When "false", disallows user from dismissing the dialog by clicking outside it or pressing escape. Defaults to "true", which renders a close button.

The host element for the dialog. Defaults to document.body.

Document manager

renderer?: Dialog.IRenderer

An optional renderer for dialog items. Defaults to a shared default renderer.

title?: Header

The top level text for the dialog. Defaults to an empty string.

translator?: ITranslator

The application language translator.

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