A kernel preference.


Preferences for a kernel are considered in the order id, name, language. If no matching kernels can be found and autoStartDefault is true, then the default kernel for the server is preferred.

interface IKernelPreference {
    autoStartDefault?: boolean;
    canStart?: boolean;
    id?: string;
    language?: string;
    name?: string;
    shouldStart?: boolean;
    shutdownOnDispose?: boolean;


autoStartDefault?: boolean

Automatically start the default kernel if no other matching kernel is found (default false).

canStart?: boolean

A kernel can be started (default true).

id?: string

The id of an existing kernel.

language?: string

The preferred kernel language.

name?: string

The name of the kernel.

shouldStart?: boolean

A kernel should be started automatically (default true).

shutdownOnDispose?: boolean

Shut down the session when session context is disposed (default false).