A config object for the notebook widget

interface INotebookConfig {
    accessKernelHistory?: boolean;
    defaultCell: string;
    disableDocumentWideUndoRedo: boolean;
    enableKernelInitNotification: boolean;
    inputHistoryScope: "global" | "session";
    maxNumberOutputs: number;
    overscanCount: number;
    recordTiming: boolean;
    renderingLayout: RenderingLayout;
    scrollPastEnd: boolean;
    showEditorForReadOnlyMarkdown?: boolean;
    showHiddenCellsButton: boolean;
    sideBySideLeftMarginOverride: string;
    sideBySideOutputRatio: number;
    sideBySideRightMarginOverride: string;
    windowingMode: "none" | "defer" | "full";


accessKernelHistory?: boolean
defaultCell: string

The default type for new notebook cells.

disableDocumentWideUndoRedo: boolean

Defines if the document can be undo/redo.

enableKernelInitNotification: boolean

Whether to display notification if code cell is run while kernel is still initializing.

inputHistoryScope: "global" | "session"

Whether to split stdin line history by kernel session or keep globally accessible.

maxNumberOutputs: number

Defines the maximum number of outputs per cell.

overscanCount: number

Number of cells to render in addition to those visible in the viewport.


In 'full' windowing mode, this is the number of cells above and below the viewport. In 'defer' windowing mode, this is the number of cells to render initially in addition to the one of the viewport.

recordTiming: boolean

Should timing be recorded in metadata

renderingLayout: RenderingLayout

Defines the rendering layout to use.

scrollPastEnd: boolean

Enable scrolling past the last cell

showEditorForReadOnlyMarkdown?: boolean

Should an editor be shown for read-only markdown

showHiddenCellsButton: boolean

Show hidden cells button if collapsed

sideBySideLeftMarginOverride: string

Override the side-by-side left margin.

sideBySideOutputRatio: number

Side-by-side output ratio.

sideBySideRightMarginOverride: string

Override the side-by-side right margin.

windowingMode: "none" | "defer" | "full"

Windowing mode

  • 'defer': Wait for idle CPU cycles to attach out of viewport cells
  • 'full': Attach to the DOM only cells in viewport
  • 'none': Attach all cells to the viewport