A 'comm_open' message on the 'iopub' channel.

See Comm open.

interface ICommOpenMsg<T> {
    buffers?: (ArrayBuffer | ArrayBufferView)[];
    channel: T;
    content: {
        comm_id: string;
        data: JSONObject;
        target_module?: string;
        target_name: string;
    header: IHeader<"comm_open">;
    metadata: JSONObject;
    parent_header: IHeader<KernelMessage.MessageType> | Record<string, never>;

Type Parameters

  • T extends "shell" | "iopub" = "iopub" | "shell"

Hierarchy (view full)


buffers?: (ArrayBuffer | ArrayBufferView)[]

An optional list of binary buffers.

channel: T

The channel on which the message is transmitted.

content: {
    comm_id: string;
    data: JSONObject;
    target_module?: string;
    target_name: string;

The content of the message.

Type declaration

  • comm_id: string
  • data: JSONObject
  • Optional target_module?: string
  • target_name: string
header: IHeader<"comm_open">

The message header.

metadata: JSONObject

Metadata associated with the message.

parent_header: IHeader<KernelMessage.MessageType> | Record<string, never>

The parent message