A factory for creating notebook content.


This extends the content factory of the cell itself, which extends the content factory of the output area and input area. The result is that there is a single factory for creating all child content of a notebook.

interface IContentFactory {
    editorFactory: Factory;
    createCellFooter(): ICellFooter;
    createCellHeader(): ICellHeader;
    createCodeCell(options): CodeCell;
    createInputPrompt(): IInputPrompt;
    createMarkdownCell(options): MarkdownCell;
    createOutputPrompt(): IOutputPrompt;
    createRawCell(options): RawCell;
    createStdin(options): IStdin;

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editorFactory: Factory

The editor factory we need to include in CodeEditorWrapper.IOptions.

This is a separate readonly attribute rather than a factory method as we need to pass it around.