The class name added to the filebrowser crumbs node.

interface IFilterBoxProps {
    caseSensitive?: boolean;
    disabled?: boolean;
    forceRefresh?: boolean;
    initialQuery?: string;
    inputRef?: RefObject<HTMLInputElement>;
    placeholder?: string;
    updateFilter: ((filterFn, query?) => void);
    useFuzzyFilter: boolean;


caseSensitive?: boolean

Whether to use case-sensitive search

disabled?: boolean

Whether the search box is disabled or not.

forceRefresh?: boolean

Whether to force a refresh.

initialQuery?: string

An optional initial search value.

inputRef?: RefObject<HTMLInputElement>

Pass a ref to the input element

placeholder?: string

Optional placeholder for the search box.

updateFilter: ((filterFn, query?) => void)

A function to callback when filter is updated.

Type declaration

useFuzzyFilter: boolean

Whether to use the fuzzy filter.