Execution state of a notebook.


  • IExecutionState


executionStatus: string

Execution status of kernel, this status is deducted from the number of scheduled code cells.

interval: number

Id of setInterval, it is used to start / stop the elapsed time counter.

kernelStatus: KernelDisplayStatus

Current status of kernel.

needReset: boolean

Flag to reset the execution state when a code cell is scheduled for executing.

scheduledCell: Set<string>

Set of messages scheduled for executing, executionStatus is set to idle if the length of this set is 0 and to busy` otherwise.

scheduledCellNumber: number

Total number of cells requested for executing, it is used to compute the execution progress in progress bar.

timeout: number

Id of setTimeout, it is used to create / clear the state resetting request.

totalTime: number

Total execution time.

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